Pet Products

Rainbows Large Range of Pet Products are manufactured with care to ensure the maximum comfort to your pet.
We manufacture a large range of Natural and Coloured Desert Sands and calcium sands for Reptile enclosures. We supply a range of Pine, Douglas Bark and Beech Chips all supplied Dried and screened to the perfect grade.
We Also supply forest terrain and Snake bedding fibre which is Dried, Clean and Graded to best quality possible.

We supply specialist paper Pulp bedding for large and small animals; this is super absorbent and extremely comfortable.

We supply a large range of aquatic Gravels and Sands which are washed and packed to ensure a clean quality product we also produce Aquatic gravel in a range of vibrant colours.

bark bark with sphagnum moss beech chip calcium sand coir block coloured aquatic gravel desert sand forest terrain snake bedding fibre snake bedding mix
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