Agriculture & Equestrian Products

Cattle Bedding Sand:
Our cattle bedding sand is washed and graded perfectly to achieve the best possible bed for your cattle. The Sand is inorganic so Helps control bacterial growth it provides a soft, safe and secure surface for cows to lie on and helps to regulate the cow’s temperature, cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. A very effective solution to hygiene in cubicle bedding and sand on concrete adds grip reducing slippage

Bedding Paper Pulp:
This product is a super clean and ultra-absorbent; it keeps cows clean and rapidly absorbs urine. The product can be easily spread on the land and has a slightly alkaline PH which is beneficial to the soil and can provide nutrients to grassland.

Equestrian Sands:
Rainbows Eco Products Equestrian sand for ménages and collops is produced to a very high specification , washed, graded and produced very fine it’s as soft on hove’s as possible. We also blend Fine sand with Polyester fibres to create the most comfortable riding experience for both horse and rider.

We offer pack sizes of 25kg and bulk sacks as standard and this product can also be supplied Bulk loose

cattle bedding sand bedding paper pulp equestrian sands
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